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    Masti Mela Rules..., Lets Work Together


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    Masti Mela Rules..., Lets Work Together Empty Masti Mela Rules..., Lets Work Together

    Post by MastiMela on Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:30 am

    Masti Mela Rules

    * One word posting is banned in all forums..except Shugal Mela , Announcment...and Poettry ( any section )
    per ager aesa laga ke one word post extra ki gai hai to warn kia jaiega

    * Aese topics jis se koi member hurt hoo..use takleef hoo ..are not allowed

    * Islam section main firqawariat ke oper topics allow nahi...aese topics jismain aik se ziada firqey involved hoon ..strictly banned !

    * Bad words are not allowed..kisi member ko aese namon se pukarna ke use takleef hoo...ikhlaq se giri langage use karna ...mana hai ...

    * Duplicate topics useless posts are also not allowed

    * Large Signatures ..not allowed, As it Slows down the Community Speed.

    * Avatars jis se family forum ka mahool kaharab hoo...lagane ki permition nahi ...

    * Kisi member ko mazaq se hat kar tang karna..pms aur emails karna uske topics per tease karna..allow nahi...

    * Har section se related topic open kia jaiey...jese poettry >Mehfil-e-Sukhan main ...
    Boys and Girls related things > Boys and Girls main
    Games > Shugal Mela main ( filhal band hain Entertainment is opened for that )

    * Duplicate ID's banane wala member banned hojaiega ..!

    * Personal Web site ki publicity allow nahi..chahey apni hoo ya kisi dost ki !

    * Ager kisi Member,Councilor ya Moderator se shikaieat ho to direct Mujhse contact karien or Dump your Complains in the Complain box. Ager Assistant admin se shikaieat hoo to Mujhse se rabta karien ..
    per ager board per kholna chahein topic? to kholien beshak kholien ..per limit ke ander
    ap ko aitraz ka haq hai ..even Admin per bhi ..! per bad words not allowed ..Admin aur moderators bhi apjese insaan hain..ghaltian hosaktin hain aut hoti rahin hain ..per iska matalab yeh nahi ke aik respectable person ko aese treat kia jaiey jese woh koi murderer hoo..aese topics jismain aitraz kam aur ghalat way of talking ziada hoo..allow nahi !

    Follow these rules..cause its important..
    proove kijiey ke app aik respectable Forum ke respectable member hain..rules educate kartey hain..pabandian kisi ki personally thinking nahi ..balkey apsab ki repotations ke liey hotin hain


    If any Global Moderators Suspended your account purposely and if its true then i will suspend the staff exactly for 1 HOUR, you have a complain box which is totally Unmoderated ! , You can Dump your Complains in the Complain box, But i request you to please read Complaining Rules before complaining.

    Hope for your kind response !

    Best Regards
    Masti Mela Management Team.

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