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    Masti Mela Entrance Rules


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    Masti Mela Entrance Rules Empty Masti Mela Entrance Rules

    Post by MastiMela on Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:32 am

    ×,.·´¨'°÷·..§ Masti Mela§.·´¨'°÷·..×

    Welcome to Masti Mela Community,
    This is a Friendly and Family Community. We request you to please join the Mast GupShup Community and first introduce yourself to shake hands with all in our lovely community.

    Rules :-

    Please do not use bad words
    Dont advertise your site in this community
    Dont spam this community
    Dont do any negative acts which may put this community reputation down
    Please do not insult any member in this community
    Do not abuse any staff or support team members
    Dont put any kind of warez in this community
    No bad pictures should be posted
    Treat everybody as your family member in this community

    If you have any problem with any member in this community, we request you to please contact us instead stepping back from this community,
    We consider all the new comers,members,staff equal.

    Masti Mela Management.

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