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    Post by MastiMela on Sat Sep 15, 2007 2:11 pm

    Dear Members:

    Welcome to online forum of Masti Mela. Till now, there were some rules and regulations that were applicable to all members to ensure conduct within the forums, but we've decided to make them more detailed and clearer! This would also ensure to reduce any misunderstandings or mishaps in future...!

    The rules are as follows,


    1.No Bad language (warning level will be increase.)

    2. No ### things (Any kind is prohibited..any one post it will get ban.

    3. No religous debut.

    4.No discrimination on any ground.(race,color, background country etc) we will take it seriously.

    5.Must had to respact others. and No inslulting to any party. !depands on post.

    6. Say thanks to others for their post this can help them to increase their motivation for doing more.

    7.No advertisment of any of your site or forum.

    8. Do not ask for how to Hack msn or anything.

    we are nt hacker who can teach you, and you can get in to criminal offence.

    9. Do Not post ### Pictures in gallery section

    10. No Nude pics allowed as Avatar or being Uploaded in Gallary section. any more

    11. Please Do not post silly or unwanted posts in topics. This will help our server to stay out of troble.

    & Make one thing sure....

    ....This is a “Family Forum” not a “Fighting Place” and I don’t intend to let anyone turn it into one. Don’t ask inflammatory questions/reasons openly; first of all discuss things with mature way to other forum members and respect the every member of forum. Just 1 Fight Corner is Available For Making Fun.. not for real fights..

    This forum is rated a "Family Forum" and there's no place for those, who are not feeling comfortable with this "Way".

    Thanks to follow this rules iam sure if u follow...u will enjoy the best Aansoo.Com forum....

    Thanks: (THE Owner) (Masti Mela)

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