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    RULES-, -Must Followed By Every Member-


    RULES-, -Must Followed By Every Member- Ut20

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    RULES-, -Must Followed By Every Member- Empty RULES-, -Must Followed By Every Member-

    Post by MastiMela on Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:27 pm

    1. Being an active poster, not just a leecher.

    2. Useless Post are not allowed.

    3. Do not post links to any blogs or forums

    4. No porn or nudity allowed ! AVATAR LIMITS

    5. Teasing on any other's Topic is not allowed.

    6. A sig cannot contain any links to a blog or forum

    7. Do not request stuff that is out of this planet

    8. Respect decisions of the staff, as they are usually final.

    9. No trading! This is not a trade . it is free and will remain free

    10. Images placed in the signature cannot be offensive in any way

    11. Please report dead/duplicate/censored/offensive posts by PM only.

    12. Do not request hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools, virus development tools/tutorials.

    13. Using the Search function before making a post to ensure there are no duplicate posts.

    14. Say thanks to others for their post this can help them to increase their motivation for doing more.

    15. Please Do not post silly or unwanted posts in topics. This will help our server to stay out of troble.

    16. If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message ( PM ) button to tell a staff member ( Moderators or Administrators ) about the situation and we will try to solve it

    17. If admin or moderator edit your post then you cannot go against it or re-edit post without his permition (if you did you will be banned does not matter how old and famous member are you).


    1. Do not ask anyone of the staff if you can become a SuperMod /Moderator.

    2. If we think you are doing great and will need more staff we will contact You.

    3. We appreciate the time You took to read these RULES. Enjoy Your stay here and please DO OBEY THEM!


    Masti Mela

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